Why to work with us ?

We are from Corporate

We have over 10 years of experience in international companies, we know the needs and difficulties of organizations. And we want to contribute into transformation of way of working within the corporations by making employees feel and live better.

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From strategy to execution

We do assessment of your current well-being at work status and based on detailed analysis of your data we suggest you a short-term, mid-term or long-term well-being at work strategy  with roadmaps and dedicated tools. If needed, we can support you to implement it by opening our network of well-being specialists in different fields.

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Our unique methodology

We convinced that yoga and mindfulness can help organisations to reduce the level of stress and make people happier. We will also use other solutions – new forms of workspace organisations, technics of art, dance, theatre, team building..

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We are a great team

Our expertise is confirmed by specialized training, consulting experience, teaching practice, MBSR certificates, yoga teacher certifications and academic research on well-being at work … .We also have a reliable network of experts in the different areas of well-being solutions.