Corporate coaching approach based on mindfulness and meditation.

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Corporate coaching approach based on mindfulness and meditation.

Corporate Coaching approach based on mindfulness and meditation. There are a lot of advantages: stress reduction, emotions and reactions management, “letting go”… we live better and our society as well…

L’Oréal, Google, Siemens, EDF , Ford put in place training programs for their teams as it’s a beneficial for everybody.

Often when we speak about meditation and mindfulness, especially if we have never tried it before, we could be quite skeptical: why should I do it? Are there any links with religions? It’s not for me…

Mindfulness is an approach that is based on meditation principals and appreciation of every moment. This method has been developed in 1979 by Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of Stress Reduction Clinic in Massachusetts, US.

With very precise tools, coaching based on mindfulness and mediation allows us to better understand and recognize our emotions, prevents and manages stress level, learns how to take a pause before acting… There is a lot of people who could recognize themselves: how many times we have reacted too fast ? how often we did not manage to make a step back? We could not stop to think about some situations?

The stress costs a lot to enterprises: European Agency for health and security at work estimates that 50 to 60% of absenteeism and depression are due to stress. With new mandatory Health program, compagnies have some obligations regarding prevention of psychological risks at work.

Coaching program based on mindfulness and meditation includes:

  • Emotions and reactions management
  • Stress reduction
  • Workload management and efficiency
  • Balance and performance

There is no magic, thanks to different tools of this program we can reduce adrenaline and cortisol levels, it means that we automatically manage our stress. We learn how to regulate our mood and emotions, develop emotional intelligence, efficiency and performance.

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