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Welltitude is an innovative start-up which proposes a global approach for Corporate Well-being and improvement of Quality of life at Work, starting by consulting, with our programme Welltitude @ work, till different tailored solutions according to your needs.

How do you know what you really need?

Currently “well-being at work” is very topical: it’s one of important criteria of future employer choice and one of the main raisons for departure of employees . There are a lot of different well-being offers on the market: questionnaires, coaching, meditation, yoga, massage… but which solutions correspond to your DNA and Corporate Culture ?

Welltitude helps you and supports regarding all aspects of well-being at work: collective and individual.

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Well-Being Strategy at work

Is it really important?


108 milliards € per year in France

The cost of absenteeism is huge and hidden, since it’s not really counted.

The cost of absenteeism includes salaries paid to absent employees, the time to correct disfunctions linked to absent employees, price for non-expected external services…

The reasons for absence are different: sickness, depressions, over-stress, burn-out… 4059 € per year per employee, multiplied by 26.6 million of employees in private and public sector, makes 108 milliards € cost of absenteeism.


Over 3 million employees

3.2 million of employees – 15% of active population – present a serious risk of burn-out.

Stress at work is one the first reasons for a sick leave and it amounts to 50-60% from total lost of working days.

71% of organisations are worried about increased stress, but only 32% of HRDs have, for the moment, put in place a tool to fight it.


16,4% average turnover rate in France

From 3 to 6 months of wages – average cost of replacement of one employee left the company, it can rise to 9 months if to include the cost of the integration and training period of a replacement.

The main reason that push employees to leave their enterprise is no longer the remuneration, contrary to popular belief. The most important cause is clearly the well-being at work, mentioned by 35% of employees on departure.

Our Mission

Improve quality of life at work

Teach employees to manage better their emotions and disconnect

Limit the number of sick leaves, depressions, burn-outs, resignations

Improve efficiency, concentration and performance

Build a strong Employer Brand


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